Welcome to Zarnay Yoga

After owning two Yoga Studios in the Southern New Hampshire region for over 8 years, we have been located, since 2009, in the beautiful Land O Lakes, Florida. We enjoyed 5 years of teaching and training in Florida.

Now, travel and retirement have arrived! (Private Teacher Training and Workshops are still available when we are home in Florida!)
Visit the local yoga studios for some fine classes:

http://www.NamasteYogaStudio.com or 813.505.1850 for more information.

http://www.SunYogaTampa.com or 813-471-7064 for more information.

http://www.chevalac.com or 813-949-8281 for more information.

Watch for Workshops and Tai Chi in April and May!

Call us at 603 432 8472 or email us at yoga@zarnayyoga.com for more information!

Debbie and Paul


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