Welcome to Zarnay Yoga

After owning two Yoga Studios in the Southern New Hampshire region for over 8 years, we are now located, since 2009, in the beautiful Land O Lakes, Florida.

Last Call for Teacher Training! Debbie and Paul will be traveling in 2015! If you’d like to become a Certified Yoga Teacher, please contact Debbie by August 15, 2014.

Teaching at Namaste Yoga:
Gentle Yoga Tuesday and Friday at 11:30 AM.
Beginning Flow, Friday at 10:00 AM.
See: http://www.NamasteYogaStudio.com or 813.505.1850 for more information.

Teaching at Sun Yoga:
Fit and Flexible Monday at 6:15 PM
See: http://www.SunYogaTampa.com or 813-471-7064 for more information.

Teaching at Cheval Athletic Club:
Wednesday - Pilates at 10:15 AM
Ashtanga Yoga 10:45 AM
Gentle Yoga 6:00 PM with Paul
See: http://www.chevalac.com or 813-949-8281 for more information.

Teaching at The Wilderness Lakes Preserve:
Monday and Wednesday: Yoga at 8:30 AM $5.00/class
Call Debbie for details, (603) 432-8472

Teaching at Caliente Resort and Spa:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Yoga at 9:15 AM, with Paul.
Tuesday: Restorative Yoga at 7:00 PM with Paul
$10.00/class for non-members.
Call Paul for details, (603) 234-5021

Private lessons with Debbie or Paul are available upon request.

RYT 200-Hour Teacher Training is available upon request.
Current Teacher Training is ongoing every Monday and Saturday, 10 AM-1:00PM

Call us at 603 432 8472 or email us at yoga@zarnayyoga.com for more information!

Debbie and Paul


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